Ultimate Love Story

Saint Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! This week I was speaking at an all girls Catholic High School in Center City Philadelphia. During the talk, I let the phrase “ I am single,” slip out of my mouth. One curious and brave girl shot her hand up in the air. She wanted to know if […]

New Year, New You

The 25th of December marks the beginning of the twelve days of Christmas. As Christians, the party has just begun! However, the secular world moves swiftly from one holiday to the next as fast as the speed of light! The next big holiday or celebration is the New Year. While this is all great, let us […]

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Happy Advent! For many Christians across the world, today marks the beginning of the season of Advent (from the Latin word advenire or “to come to”). Over the next four weeks, we prepare for Christmas and to receive Christ more fully into our hearts. We must know and realize that He desires to be with […]

Love is Our Mission

“What are you going to do?” asked the joyful Pope Francis during his opening homily at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. After a much anticipated arrival, the vicar of Christ finally made his way into the city of brotherly love. Although Pope Francis’ visit was somewhat brief, the impression that he […]

Finding Beauty in Brokenness

As a previous student at the Art Institute of Portland in Oregon, I was completely awestruck by my recent first visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! When I saw the abstract painting Bohemia Lies by the Sea by Kiefer Anselm, I was truly moved to reflect on my journey in the spiritual life thus […]

To Flirt or Not to Flirt?

I recently spoke to a group of 8th grade girls. One of them asked me, “Is flirting okay?” On one hand, a recent article from Verily described how women can flirt tastefully. If she is sincerely and intentionally looking for a spouse, flirting is a way to drop a hint that she is interested in […]

Beautiful Solitude

Since my last post, Generation Life has spoken across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Florida. We’ve spoken at all-boys schools, all-girls schools, and coed schools. We’ve spoken to everyone from elementary school students to college students! One thing that continues to inspire me is how receptive young people are to these messages […]

That’s the Power of Love

After writing last week’s blog entry on the movie Kate and Leopold, I’ve been thinking a lot about other films that involve time travel. One of the most memorable films in this genre has to be Back to the Future! Eccentric scientist Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) transforms a DeLorean sports car into a time machine. […]

Love that will Last a Lifetime

I was once watching TV and came across a classic movie channel. There was a Western featuring the famous actor John Wayne. In the movie, a gorgeous young woman has just arrived in town. John Wayne’s character has never met her before and he’s clearly taken aback by her beauty! When he sees her, he […]