A Love that Satisfies

People are simple creatures. Just ask any college student or young adult what they want in life. The answer will always be, “I want to be happy.” With this in mind, some of them do not know how to get that happiness. Some look for happiness in all the wrong places, as the song goes. […]

5 Souvenirs from my first World Youth Day #Krakow2016

  5 Souvenirs from My First World Youth Day  #Krakow2016 “Be demanding of the world around you; be demanding first of all with yourselves. Be children of God; take pride in it!” -St. John Paul II 1991 Czestochowa, Poland My first ever World Youth Day surpassed anything I could have conceived. There is so much […]

When Confession is Hard

“What I do, I do not understand. For I do not do what I want, but I do what I hate” Romans 7:15. The sacrament of Reconciliation is an opportunity to clean house and recharge the soul. Yet there are a multitude of reasons why we may shy away from the confessional: repetitive sins, laziness, […]

The Dating Dilemma

What is the right mindset to have when seeking our future spouse? As a young woman in my 20’s navigating the dating scene, here is some of the best advice I’ve received from my mentors. First, we always want to have Jesus as our Rock. We never want to enter into dating thinking that a […]

Technology Type Love

What does it even mean to get married nowadays? Some dating couples imitate what a married couple does: move in together, go on vacation in fancy hotels, have sex, and maybe… even have a baby. Why do we have a desire for a wedding, but a fear of life-long marriage? Technology may be one of […]

Made for Greatness

If God is putting it on your heart to serve him as a speaker, do not let fear keep you from responding to his call! A priest named Fr. Rob Galea, who was recently on the X-Factor in Australia, is famous for his motto, “Do it scared.”   I relate to him because it’s not […]

Perfect Imperfections

Discovering Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body helped me fall in love with the truth like never before! Like many young adults, my reversion infused me with excitement and joy! I couldn’t wait to meet other young people who shared my values. There were other young people that were not afraid to speak […]

How Do We Achieve Lifelong Love?

As the excitement surrounding Saint Valentine’s Day finally begins to wind down, a question arises. How do we achieve a real-life love story characterized by dedication, tenderness, and sacrifice? We see the fluffy, superficial love stories in Disney movies and romantic comedies. We hear about relationships that involve misusing and discarding people. Think about the […]