Party of One


“Have you met anyone special yet?” I am not sure if I rolled my eyes when a woman at church posed this question to me one Saturday afternoon after confession, but it was a reminder that I needed to work on my facial expressions. My response: “Jesus.” Did I actually just say that? I could not believe I said that out loud, one because I was in church and two because I was in church. I politely laughed along with her as I turned to walk away, humming Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ softly to myself.

During the month of February, more specifically on the 14th, people seem to think it okay to point out the fact that you are single. If that were not enough it seems to be socially acceptable to constantly remind a single person that if you are not married by 30, that you need to get a move on it because “you do not have much time left”. Before I began working for Generation Life, events like those previously mentioned would have irritated me to no end. Do not get me wrong, living out the virtue of chastity is difficult, but I know in the end it will be worth it. Wherever the Lord leads me will be so much better than any plan I could ever imagine for myself.

So Valentine’s Day will come and go and the year will continue on. I am grateful that the Lord has filled my life with so many amazing people and opportunities I may not have had if I was not open to following his timeline and not my own. The struggles come and go and some days are easier than others, but it will be okay.