2017, My Will Be Done?


Every year around this time we experience sensory overload with the same advertisements: ‘2017 means New Year, new you! This is your year! Sign up now to become the best you yet!

I am a big proponent of becoming the best version of ourselves. In fact, becoming the best version of ourselves is essentially growing in holiness. However, I cannot help but notice these ads are missing the most pivotal ‘pitch’. We reach our full potential and truly become the best version of ourselves when we put God above ourselves, period.

The question we can ask this New Year is, ‘Lord, what is it you want me to do? Who do you want me to be?’ Then pray for the grace to respond, “Yes, Lord. Help to become that person, to fulfill your plan for my life”.

We might hesitate- what if God’s plan differs from the one we already made for ourselves? “We need to be attuned to the Will of God so that we only ask for the things He desires, then you will get all you ask” (Mother Angelica).

God already knows our wants, desires, and needs. We can rest assured that if God and His Blessed Mother are steering, we will arrive with interior peace and joy.

So this 2017 and everyday let us strive to become the best version of ourselves and to be the person God calls us to be. Let us pray and respond.

“Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure” St. John Paul II