This is Not My Body


As a mom, I feel like 90 percent of my day is cleaning. Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do I even bother cleaning? It is just going to get messy again tomorrow!” Then I remind myself that if I don’t clean up the messes now, they are just going to pile up and become overwhelming.

The truth is, I have the tendency to let things get messy, then try to clean them up in many aspects of my life. I do it with my home, relationships, and even my body and diet. I would like to say many people have the same issues. We say mean things then have to apologize, cleaning up the mess we make of our relationships. Another example is when we eat bad food and then feel guilty. We then feel like we need to exercise and eat better, cleaning up the mess we make of our bodies.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19 it says, “Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself,” (NLT).

One part of the scripture that really stands out to me is that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. My mind automatically thinks, “Oh! I have a guest in my house, I better clean up!” This is a childish way to interpret the scripture. The more mature reasoning would be to say, “I am a guest in His temple”. Would we purposefully go into someone else’s house and make a mess? No way! We naturally try not to make a mess at all. If the Holy Spirit is living in my body, I want to make sure there is as little mess as possible. I am going to want to be my best self all the time.

The second part of this scripture that stands out to me is that the Holy Spirit is the one residing in me. I know my Lord and Savior. I know he is not going to want to stay in a messy home, so he is going to do some tidying up. However, he is not just going to do a little dusting. He is the Lord and he will want to polish his home to perfection. The way our children and husbands show us they respect the cleaning we do in our homes, is when they try not to make dirty what we have cleaned. They take their shoes off before they come inside as to not dirty the clean floors. We should have the same respect for our Father in Heaven who is taking care of the temple he provided for us.

This scripture also begs me to question, “Is my temple worthy of the Lord?” An even better question I can ask is, “What can I do better to make my temple more worthy?”

The answer for me is to try not to feed empty appetites. To me that means eating wholesome food, and exercising. It also means surrounding myself with positive people, music, and shows. Lastly, it means giving that positivity and light to others. These changes have to be a part of constant upkeep within the temple He has provided. Our mothers always preach, “You wouldn’t have so much to clean, if you just did a little work every day.” So, every day, I must try my best to keep the mess out. Will the Lord find a pile of dirt that I may have missed or buried? Yes, but if the other messes are in constant upkeep, the less likely I will be overwhelmed when faced with a challenge. I will be ready to carry the weight, and I will be made stronger. In that, I can rejoice in the challenges.

Now, I ask you to think about the same questions. Is your temple worthy of the Holy Spirit? Are you proud of the maintenance you have done on His dwelling? What changes can you make to be more comfortable saying, “Yes”?



Cher’re is a stay-at-home mom from Middletown, DE. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, and a master’s degree in teaching. She enjoys being a mom, but also enjoys blogging, writing poems, and reading.