Love that will Last a Lifetime

I was once watching TV and came across a classic movie channel. There was a Western featuring the famous actor John Wayne. In the movie, a gorgeous young woman has just arrived in town. John Wayne’s character has never met her before and he’s clearly taken aback by her beauty! When he sees her, he […]

Mission Driven

During my travels with Generation Life, I encountered a missionary priest who had been working in the Philippines. He talked about all of the incredible work they’d been doing, the fascinating people they’d met and the challenges they’d experienced. Someone once asked him this question–what makes a good missionary? He realized that one of the […]

Happy New Year!

This past month, I went Christmas caroling at a nursing home with a group of friends. The first room that we entered was very quiet and still. This particular resident was a man in a wheelchair, probably in his 90s. His appearance was very solemn and he seemed a bit discouraged. When we finished singing, […]